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About Patrick Sprack Ltd.

We are an ever-expanding and diversifying HVAC company with a record and reputation for steady customer growth and satisfaction and a focus on the use of the latest technologies and mechanical diversity.


An instrumentation technician, also called an instrument technician, installs, calibrates, maintains, inspects and repairs mechanical and electronic devices and equipment. These instruments may automate tasks, record and report data in precise ways or perform other important functions for an individual, business, or industrial plant. Instrumentation technicians work on instruments like pneumatic devices, electromedical devices, navigational systems, or control instruments.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Installing and calibrating technologies and equipment and training clients on operation and safety instructions
  • Maintaining equipment regularly by adjusting system components and testing functionalities
  • Inspecting and troubleshooting equipment for issues and repairing or replacing defective parts as needed
  • Using scientific and analytic computer software to diagnose faults in machines or applications
  • Researching new industry instrumentation and studying details and instructions to install and use it properly
  • Collaborate with electronic engineers, process technicians and other plant professionals to design equipment
  • Other duties as required

Requires Knowledge and Awareness of Following Tasks

  • Mechanical/Technical skills
  • Industrial work set experience.
  • Assists with scheduling of out-of-town manpower (availability in town)
  • Valid Driver’s License

Work Conditions

  • Outdoors in 4 seasons – exposure to extreme temps
  • Dusty, hot indoor industrial environments
  • Industrial process areas – noise conditions
  • Process areas with various fumes
  • Areas of volatile substances – nickel carbonyl, CO, SO2, nickel dust
  • Working at heights
  • Office environment
  • Travel long distances / consecutive hours of driving
  • Working / callouts throughout night time hours – service / emergency issues
  • Working supervisor

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