Air Quality is of the utmost importance in creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

AT PSL, we understand that maintaining the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your business, facility and workplace determines the health of your spaces and your workers. IAQ is mandated and enforced by all levels of government, so turning to PSL for assistance is a must for today’s businesses and industries.  

From minor irritants to exposure to dangerous fumes, PSL installs, tests, and maintains air systems that will guarantee a safe working environment for all.

 PSL has recently branched out into a full-service operation through all parts of Northern Ontario. We have dedicated technicians for Timmins, Parry Sound and North Bay in order to reach all corners of Northern Ontario with timely and professional service.

Commercial and Institutional Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

We offer an all-encompassing monitoring program, from examining the air flow to deploying air monitors to inspect concentrations of the most common air pollutants. These air pollutants can cause serious negative health effects for workers when above standard levels and have been constantly shown to decrease productivity. The goal of the monitoring program is to ensure buildings adhere to indoor air quality standards for the health and safety of all building occupants. Additionally, the data obtained from the monitoring program can be used in the process for LEED or CORE green building certifications.

Indoor Air Purifiers (Commercial, Residential, Institutional) Pure Blue Series Blueair Air Purifiers  provide affordable, high-efficiency air cleaning with a contemporary design that will fit in any room. Blueair delivers high flow of clean air using HEPA filters that capture and remove particles as small as 0.1 microns (including viruses, bacteria, and microplastics), while producing top-of-the-line noise reduction when compared to other air purifiers. Recently highlighted by CBC’s Marketplace, Blueair has consistently proven itself as a stand-out in the market. Call now for more information!
Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

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