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Overhead garage doors

What Should You Consider

Before Buying a Commercial Garage Door

When it comes to buying a commercial garage door, there are several factors that businesses should consider to ensure they get the right door for their needs. Here are some of the most important things to think about before making a purchase:

Several factors should be taken into account when purchasing commercial or residential garage doors.

Canadian Door Institute recommends that you should consider the following:


Insulation Factors

  • The R-value measures the thermal resistance used in the building and construction in­dustry. A high R-value indicates effective insulation, while a low R-value indicates poor in­sulation.
  • The U-factor measures the rate of heat transfer through a building element, which, in this case, is an overhead door. In other words, the U-factor indicates how well a building ele­ment conducts heat. A small U-factor, which is more desirable, reduces heat transfer while a high U-factor increases heat transfer.


The Right Product Application

An important part of your knowledge base involves rec­ommending appropriate equipment based on its application. For example, high cycle springs are not important on a door that is rarely used, but a high R-value is important when the door controls a space that needs to be kept heated in a cold climate. You must know enough about the various products that you install and service to make fact-based recommendations regard­ing the suitability of certain products used in specific applications



All products come with a warranty, which covers labour and products. Warranties can be manufacturer-specific and may vary depending upon the particular door part. For in­stance, the glass, paint, and hardware on the same door may all carry a different warranty. You are responsible for understanding the different product warranties and advising customers ac­cordingly. In many instances, customers may feel influenced by the product warranty when de­ciding upon on a purchase.



Garage doors are primarily manufactured of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and plastic composites.


Metal Thickness

Steel and aluminum are measured in gauges, where the smaller number in­dicates thicker, heavier-gauge metal. Most residential overhead doors are between 24-30 gauge.


Door Operator Motors

Electric garage door operator motors can be AC or DC. Your supplier will likely offer a full range of both types, each of which contains unique features and limitations.



Always sell dual-pane windows when working with an insulated door. Windows rep­resent the least thermally efficient part of a door face. They can reduce the overall R-value of a door by up to 20%, depending on door size and the size and number of windows.

Authorized Dealers & Certifications

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You ask, we answer

The purpose of this program is to establish a consistent routine of maintenance for your overhead sectional doors, rolling doors, door operators, high-performance doors and loading dock equipment.

Experience has proven that periodic planned maintenance and careful inspection can reduce both downtime and repair expenses, while extending useful life and operating efficiency.

  • Rolling Doors (Steel door, rubber door, and truck door)
  • Electric Doors
  • Dock Equipment (high-speed doors and dock leveler)
  • Sectional Doors and Operators (Commercial and Residential properties)

We understand that garage door issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services. You can count on us to be there for you when you need us the most.


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