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bulk plant propane being installed and a crane holding it
bulk propane tank inspection at a mine site
van vehicle branded with PSL logo at a mine site doing bulk tank propane inspection
bulk tank of propane being installed at a site for inspection in Canada

Bulk Plant Inspections

Safe and efficient

You can rely on Patrick Sprack Ltd for all your bulk plant needs! Bulk plant inspections are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of industrial facilities that handle large quantities of materials such as chemicals, fuels, and other hazardous substances. 

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Why Bulk Plant Inspections are important



They help to prevent accidents and incidents that can result in injury, property damage, or even loss of life. By inspecting equipment, systems, and procedures regularly, inspectors can identify potential issues and recommend corrective actions to reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety.


Compliance and Safety Standards

Bulk plant inspections help to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards. Many industrial facilities are subject to strict environmental, health, and safety regulations that are designed to protect workers and the public. Inspections help to verify compliance with these regulations and ensure that facilities are operating within established guidelines.


Improvement & Optimization

Another important benefit of bulk plant inspections is that they can help to identify areas for improvement and optimization. Inspectors may identify opportunities to streamline processes, reduce waste or emissions, or improve efficiency, which can help to save time and money in the long run.


What's Included in the bulk plant inspection?

Relief valve inspections

Bulk Pump Inspections /maintenance

Compressor Inspections /maintenance

Leak Check and leak repairs

Bulk tank inspections

Inspection of valving & actuators

Inspection of the piping system

Regulator/over pressure relief/ back pressure regulator inspections

Site exterior conditions

Flex’s – Inspect for proper pressure rating

Bulk hoses Inspection

Compliance checks

Fire extinguishers


Inspect grounding reels and clamps

Valve operating systems

You ask, we answer

Bulk plant inspections are a crucial component of industrial safety and regulation. By identifying potential hazards, ensuring compliance, and identifying areas for improvement, inspections help to promote the safe and efficient operation of industrial facilities while protecting workers and the environment.

Yes, and it is tailored to your needs and requirements of your facility.

The frequency of bulk plant inspections can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of your facility, the types of fuel you store and distribute, and the specific regulations and standards that apply to your operation. In general, it is recommended that bulk plant inspections be conducted at least once per year, although more frequent inspections may be required in certain situations.

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